Rundug Collars

Rundug Collars


Our Rundug Collars are designed to be comfortable but hard wearing. They are fully tested on our own sled dogs and should last you well. Active dogs are out in all weathers and for this reason all hardware fittings come with brass a standard. You also have the option for a larger ring for connecting your lead/ line…please look at the pictures to see the difference. For discount on larger quantities please contact us at

Collar measurements

Small - TBC

Medium - 11.3in (29cm) - 16in (40.5cm)

Large - 13.5in (35cm) - 23in (58.3cm)

Ring Size:
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All Rundug collars are adjustable but not semi slip. All come with brass hardware and 3m reflective Rundug patch. For discounts on larger quantities please email direct at