Scoffdug Paw Wax

Scoffdug Paw Wax


Scoffdug Paw Wax is a fantastic product. It’s completely natural with antiseptic healing abilities. It’s human grade and can be used anywhere on the body that has skin issues. Great at putting a protective layer on pads and feet whilst it’s nourishing and antiseptic ingredients can get to work repairing any sores. It does this by forming a semi-permeable protective coating over the paw skin, whilst lubricating the skin with vitamins and other beneficial minerals found in the wax ingredients. Can also be used for dry skin or noses. Great also for minor cuts and abrasions.

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Organic Coconut Oil, Scottish Gold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, Almond Oil, Yarrow Essential Oil & Lavender Essential Oil

Do not give to pregnant or lactating bitches