Are our Scoffdug foods suitable for puppies????

YES!! ..and heres why:

Scoffdug food for puppies

Scoffdug food for puppies

A lot of brands need to expand their range and for this reason they will start adding foods in such as ‘puppy foods’, ‘junior foods’, ‘senior foods’ and ‘diet foods’ etc. However, This sometimes limits the said range available to customers. So instead of offering your puppy multiple recipes, its likely that you’ll only have the choice of one.

For this reason we decided to bring out the bulk of our range as being suitable as an all stage food that is perfect for all healthy dogs no matter their age.

Puppy food is essentially higher in protein and fat, think of protein as building blocks for muscles and fat as calories used by puppies to grow. Both of our main recipes have excellent levels of meat and fish proteins and healthy fats and oils.

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There are many advantages of a multi-protein source kibble and this can be especially advantageous for puppies.

By exposing a puppy to a variety of multi-protein sources, such as our Scoffdug Venison and Salmon recipe, (Venison Royale) means that the puppy is less likely to develop a sensitivity or intolerance to other protein sources in their adult years.

Our Scoffdug Cullen Skink recipe is bursting with naturally high levels of Omega 3, which is crucial for skin and coat development. This is all essential at this stage of the puppy’s development as well as providing a high quality source of protein which is also essential for correct growth and development.